[Stock Request] - Cannabis Companies Small and Big - edit 7. December 2020

Hi Team,

I have moved to 212 to use the platform for the “Investing” Account with a minimum of 1,3k depositing per month. Besides I have invited my brother to change from etoro to 212.

After doing a few weeks of research on which platform I would like to trade I have finally come to a conclusion and made this decision to join 212 Investing as of a few recommendations.

I have reviewed the Canadian and US Cannabis index as well as the International Market.

Hence I would be unbelievably grateful to have the following or some of the following Stocks to be added to invest (I am happy to update this thread anytime).

Sector Cannabis Companies to add: 07/12/2020

Acreage Holdings

Auxly Cannabis Corp.

Cannabis Sativa

Charlotte´s Web

Columbia Care

Cresco Labs

Curaleaf Holdings

Emerald Holdings

General Cannabis Corp.

Green Growth Brands

Green Thumb Industries Inc.

Harvest Health & Recreation

Heritage Cannabis

iAnthus Capital Holdings

Jushi Holdings Inc.

MedMen Enterprises

Neptune Wellness Solutions

Plus Products

Smart Cannabis Corp

Supreme Cannabis

The Green Organic Dutschmann

Trulieve Cannabis Corp

VIVO Cannabis

4Front Ventures Corp.

Any suggestions, dont hesitate to contact. Happy to do relevant research to add.

Additionally I am planning to do content on my twich channel about Cannabis.

I decided for 212 Investing, mainly because the platform ist very customer friendly. Even customer oriented which for me coming from Customer Service, makes me especially happy to see.


@David Polite Reminder for review.

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@David Polite Reminder for a quick checkup today

Have these been added yet?

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Why Trulieve and Curaleaf are not on T212 is beyond me. It appears T212 only make available stocks once they have made significant gains and we lose out. Too many like these 2, MySize and Mind Med amongst many many more.


That i can def. not confirm. There are around 30 Cannabis Companies offered on 212 so far. I remember few years back i was actively trading (not investing) only 3 or 4 cannabis companies on other trading platforms and that was it. Edit: for some reason I am not able to edit my initial post. Emerald Holding was added so far.


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Its also important for t212 to not offer companies that don’t have a proven track record so I would think the choices they make will be the right ones

@Lenos1980 I wonder why they allow IPOs then -.-

For companies with a proven track record? If you want every cannibi stock listed on t212 expect some big losses

Not investing at all is the biggest loss there is. Thanks for your words.

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Polite Reminder @David @Martin @PeterA

Polite Reminder @David @Martin @PeterA

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