Cannabis Anyone?

Hey Community, would be interested if anyone of you is holding or planning to buy anything within the Cannabis Sector?

As I see this new industry starting out, I strongly believe that if I would have not made the decision to invest in my 20s, I would have probably hit me in 10-15 years thinking man… i wish i had invested when i saw it. Why did i not do that?

So now my investment strategy for cannabis is to diversify between pennystocks (risky take care) and “big” cannabis companies with loads of upside potential.

Just like to start to get this cannabis discussion rolling.



I’ve been buying cannabis crypto’s for a few years now and, although they took a huge hit in the crypto downtrend they are slowly starting to come back again. I’ve also just started my own CBD manufacturing company and literally in the final stages before opening to the public and online :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

That being said, it is becoming more and more mainstream so it’s only natural they will be using payment merchants (when they actually give the green light) to process payments and away from the cash/crypto side of things.

I have got a cannabis pie running (moonpie) and it’s up around 48% so far within the last couple of months. Not huge but, beats a minus anyday!!

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Is it possible you can please use the Share Pie feature so we can see the holdings and weight on moonpie? :pray:

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  1. Canopy Growth, 2) Village Farms International, 3) Aphria Inc,4) The medical cannabis and wellness UCITS and finally,5) CannTrust Holdings.

Each has a 20% slice.

  1. 22.40% green
  2. 22.88% green
  3. 28.94% green
  4. 6.15% green
  5. 87.52% green

Awesome thanks. I had meant if you click the link on your pie it’ll post what they are for you without the typing but appreciate the reply. :sweat_smile:

:point_up_2: Here’s without CannTrust which isn’t ISA eligible. Think I might chuck £50 a month in and see where it goes.

T212 really need that CopyPie button adding.


Planet 13 (PLNHF) - 31% gains since purchase.

Currently swinging TLRY and HEXO too, but PLNHF is my only LT holding.


I have updated my cannabis pf to around 30 companies.

I am really looking for the amazon of cannabis and I can tell, many of those are on a good way but still a long way to got.

I am holding:

Terra Tech
Sundial Growers
22nd Century
KushCo Holdings
Hexo Corp
Arena Pharmaceuticals
Planet 13
GW Pharmaceuticals
Aurora Cannabis
New Age
Canopy Growth
Cronos Group
Cure Pharmaceutical
Village Farms
India Globalization Capital
Genetic Technologies
Innovative Industrial Properties
Pure Harvest Cannabis
Item 9 Labs
Zynerba Pharmaceuticals.

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