Stock Request : Chargepoint (SBE)

as per title could you please add Chargepoint (SBE). This company is likely to be a big winner on the EV front supplying the charging ability so no matter which company TSLA, NIO, NKLA wins the EV race SBE will probably be the company providing the charging solution to all of them.


SBE has been on for months


Chargepoint are merging with the SPAC Switchback Energy Acquisition, ticker SBE.

This SPAC has been on the platform since IPO.

Search for switchback or SBE and it will appear.

Not sure if that’s still valid as it’s an acquisition company that merged a while back to form Chargepoint. Not sure how it works.

Chargepoint are coming to market via SPAC, so in the simplest of terms, if you purchase shares of Switchback, once they merge with Chargepoint, the stock name and ticker symbol will change to Chargepoint.

It’s a lot more complicated than that, but I have deliberately not gone into detail.

Google switchback energy acquisition and have a read up on the terms and have a look at Chargepoint’s investor relations presentation in regards to the merger before diving in :+1:


Thanks very much Grim, explaining in simple terms gets my vote. :slight_smile:

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No, the merger hasn’t yet taken place. SBE is on the platform already and they have yet to schedule a vote date for the merger with ChargePoint.

So buying shares in SBE whichever flavour will end up as Chargepoint if the vote goes through?

60% ! Wish I had known about it last week.

Good chance of a pullback

Wow so it exploded on earnings on the 16

I was thinking about getting in this last month and when I checked the chart again it had shot up 100%. Major regret!

Where do you think the pullback could stop?
Do you look at it in terms of Fibonacci numbers or in terms of the rolling 100/200 day line?


Well I’ve got my alert set at 20. If that gets triggered I’ll see where its at. Guessing the daily 50 EMA.

If it doesn’t go back that far I’ll give it a miss.

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Will there be any announcements on this before the merger happens

Announcements by T212? No, it’s not on them to provide that.

But there are plenty of folk on here who are proactive about what they invest in and no doubt someone will post the merger date once it’s known.

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Sorry I should of specified, I didn’t mean from 212 I just meant from charge point themselves. I’ll keep an eye out anyways, hopefully it’s a done deal.

Twitter is a decent place to be alerted. Either search for ‘$SBE’ yourself periodically or follow and set alerts on accounts like SPAC Attack or SPACTrack - really good with SPAC notifications.

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Cheers for the tip I’ll set up an alert now