Climate Change Crisis Real Impact I Acquisition Corporation - Class A

What’s your opinion on this SPAC?

(Climate Change Crisis Real Impact I Acquisition Corporation - Class A)

Moved up 65% today? I was listening to the CEO today.

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If it pulls back again I might jump in, I missed 18 :palms_up_together: and I missed 15 when my brother spotted it

It might have gone now. :wave:

The other missed was CCIV and lucid.

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Like all SPACs, if you’re not in at NAV or close too then you’re effectively gambling.

Good for a trade not for an investment


This is true pre-announcement of target. (Unless you have insider knowledge)
Please keep it in mind if you are investing in a SPAC! :slight_smile:

It will definitely pull back, They do have a business on ground, Ev charging stations


@StockPicker From all the info I have seen - it doesn’t look good because of the valuation.
So it will moon.

SBE(Chargepoint) though looks like a real deal.

The most annoying thing is that I’ve been following them for a while on Stocktwits for a few weeks :man_facepalming:

Re-entering on pull back wouldn’t be a bad idea though, to enjoy the ride with the robinhoods

SBE is a good pick also, But a Evgo [Climate Change Crisis Real Impact I Acquisition] is seeking $575 million in fresh capital to help accelerate the building out of its nationwide fast charging network.
The company says it currently has more than 800 chargers in 34 states and 220,000 customers. So there is a potential for this SpaC in my opinion. @15 or below is a good entry point.

"…transaction that will raise about $575 million, and value the company at about $2.6 billion. "

$2.6 billion @10 a share.

“The deal will raise about $493 million in proceeds that ChargePoint will use to expand in North America and Europe. It includes $225 million from Baillie Gifford

“ChargePoint, which operates 115,000 electric vehicle charging stations…”

It’s been vetted by BG. There is a clear indication which out of these two has best chances for success.

EDIT: SBE at $39,62 is a risky entry point and might go both ways.


I Totally agree with you, SBE for long term👍