Stock Request - COMPASS Pathways (CMPS)

Please could you add Compass Pathways (NASDAQ:



Compass Pathways is already on Trading 212.

Are you trying to find it on an ISA account? It is not an ISA eligible security

Hi, I’ve been looking for this in my ISA as well.

What determines if a security/company is ISA eligible?

I had one other question as well:

How is the date of listing decided or agreed to? I notice that compass pathways started on Trading 212 Invest at around $36 when it began trading on the 24th Sept. However, a quick google of the ticker shows a stock price beginning at 17th Sept at around $25.

Poorly worded but I hope you see what Im getting at - definitely missing some knowledge here on how IPOs work so any advice or pointers appreciated!


@d-a-v-e in app charts beginning from date when it was added into T212 universe not from it’s IPO date unless it was implemented at that time.

Thanks for the reply @Ashige. Yep, I’d expect that - my question is why the long delay? Why does the initial public offering appear to begin on the 17/18th elsewhere, but 24th for T212? How does that date get decided? I’m guessing this happens a lot and isn’t unique to CMPS - just curious so I don’t miss out again. thanks!

@d-a-v-e well same as normal stock request. Maybe someone didn’t request this stock to be added during IPO? Just guessing here. Maybe IB didn’t have it in their universe at that point which is necessary for T212 to add it here at least as far as I know


Please could you add Compass Pathways PLC, it’s traded on Nasdaq.

Thanks, J