Please add CPSL (otc market)

Hello, would be keen to invest (ideally ISA) in CPSL (Catapult Solutions Inc.) on T212 if possible to add please.

  1. I think ISA is not possible to invest in OTC. 2. CPSL is not a PSE, it cannot be added to T212

Thanks, I suspected not possible in ISA - sorry to be dumb here, I’m not that familiar with OTC and couldn’t work out where to see if it’s PSE on OTCmarket website. Thanks again.

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Try to study this thread, some things are well described there


Thank you, I had read that but still couldn’t see the PSE symbol, I tried a few OTC stocks and eventually got one that is PSE - now understand. Thanks for your help.

@brwalker it would be listed underneath where your screenshot shows ‘Shell’ and ‘Verified Profile’, per RLX’s screenshot. :+1:t2: