[Stock Request] eSport ETF

Hi Team,

a good old friend of mine recommendet to have this ETF in my portfolio

Could that one be added to 212 invest?

Best wishes!

Here in the UK, ESPO is already available on Invest and ISA platforms. If you’re in a different country maybe that’s another story that hopefully someone can clear up for us.

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The USD version is already on T212 (ESPO). That’s O no 0. Just search video gaming in the ETF section. You might want to consider HERG OR HERU instead depending on which currency you prefer. They have very similar holdings but are slightly more diversified globally and because they only started in late 2020 the stock hasn’t had a huge run up yet of people buying in. Also nice that they have a slightly lower expense ratio. Check em out: Video Games & Esports ETF