VanEck Vectors Video Gaming and eSports UCITS ETF

Trading 212 has the ESPO (USD) version of the ETF.

It would be great if the ESGB (GBX) version is also added as it is under the listings:

Also, I am not sure why on trading 212 ESPO is currently at $40 but when you look at yahoo finance etc it is sitting at over $60. Why? Can someone help?

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ESPO is also listed on the NASDAQ, where its price is currently 60$, while the London listed ESPO is at 40$

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Yep i know, but don’t understand why thats the case.

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Any update on this, please.
Can we get the ESGB listing available on Trading 212?



yes please could you add esgb - makes a lot more sense for the uk investors. Thanks!
@Martin @David @PeterA


Any progress on this I wonder?


Any update of when ESGB would get added please?

Trading 212 please respond.