[Stock Request] MediaTek (OTC:MDTKF)

Please could we get the major Taiwanese electronics manufacturers which are available OTC such as MediaTek (OTC:MDTKF) and ASUSTek (OTC:ASUUY), etc.

Just see them in here. No Penny Stock Exempt status and no/low volume: (Probably no luck in T212 adding those.)



Is it the volume? Because MediaTek is a $50B company

Market Cap is irrelevant in buying/selling stocks, the important is their liquidity (trading volume), that means being able to buy/sell, and better prices (less bid-ask spreads).

Your stocks trade on 30 days average, 53 stocks (MediaTek (OTC:MDTKF)) and 1 stock (ASUSTek (OTC:ASUUY)). So their Market Caps are very much irrelevant.

Before asking some new OTC stock or even trade any stock, see first their average trading volume, as some other investors had discovered it can give really bad results buying some less liquid stocks.

What would the trading volume need to be? I see some of these OTC Japanese stocks trading at 30 day average of 300, etc.

I guess I’ll just have to wait enough years for them to actually add the Taiwanese, Korean, and Japanese exchanges. Wouldn’t have expected the 5th biggest company in Taiwan to be basically impossible to buy.

But in those stocks, not only their volume is practically nonexistent, but also there aren’t Penny Stock Exempt, a necessary condition to be added in T212.


Example: TCEHY - Tencent Holding Ltd.

I (or we) don’t know the minimum trading volume for T212 but less 100 stocks on 30d average is perhaps quite low.

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