[Stock Request] NYSE:VALE (Vale S.A)

Hi @Team212, @David it would be awesome if you guys included the Brazilian giant VALE, negotiated at the NYSE.


Please add VALE to your portfolio please.

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Can you add Vale to the invest platform please


also pls can we have Vale?? TIA

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@Martin @PeterA @David What are the chances with the recent $TSLA “Battery Day” and $VALE agreement that’s rumoured, that we could add this to T212 as part of Fridays new stocks? :thinking::tada::beers:

Thanks in advance guys! :grin:


Going to pretend I’m @Joey_Fantana:wink::eyes:

@Martin @PeterA @David

If you could be so kind gents! :v:


Another request for $VALE please. This company is about to blow and I don’t want to miss out!

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@Martin @David @PeterA Pretty please? :beers::tada::birthday:

Wait your turn, like everyone else. :partying_face:

I always wait my turn, just preempting the millions of posts that might pop up on the forum later today, so thought if we’re ahead of the game instead of behind it’d have been a bonus! :raised_hands:

Well Imagine everyone bumping their request each few days, now that would be a mess, rite? :slight_smile:

Roger Roger Captain!

Merging any new posts bumps it up anyway, so doesn’t make much difference to be honest. It was a question that was going to be asked once today, I’ll get back on the bench, and watch from the sidelines.

Annoying that some members seem to get their picks added ‘ipo today’ and gentle reminders all day yet I’ve seen tonnes of posts for Vale and no reply :upside_down_face:

I think if you took the time to look through the forum and actually read what I’ve repeatedly written for people such as yourself you’d find that 212 said themselves they are only adding IPOs as a priority.

My requests are there to ensure they don’t miss any so that moaners don’t get up in arms when the next big IPO they wanted added isn’t missed.

They’re not for me, I don’t invest in IPOs. They’re for the community. Now wind your neck in.


As an aside, this is the last time I clarify this.

The moaners can go on bleating about it in future.