[STOCK REQUEST] Stockholm IT Ventures


I’d like to request for Stockholm IT Ventures (SVAB.F) to be added. Got a little tip from an ex-Goldman Sachs employee.

Also to the admins, thanks for all the hard work and responses to our request. Highly appreciated!

LL T212!!

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Should we all be getting in on this tip? :wink:

Sure. He said he’ll inform me when to actually jump on board but it’s still worth getting it on the T212 platform first and also doing some thorough research before.

@Phil I don’t think we’ll be able to add it yet, the stock’s way too illiquid & we’ll have plenty of issues with order execution.
The last trade I found on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange is on the 14th. There’ve only been a handful of trades for the whole month of January.

That’s totally fine. Thank you @David