[Stock request]: Some Belgian stocks

Can you please add into Trading 212 Invest mode some Belgian stocks which have been already in CFD mode?
I would transfer the rest of my portfolio from one of your competitors to you.

BPOST.BR : Bpost N.V.; BE0974268972
KBC.BR : KBC Groep N.V.; BE0003565737
PROX.BR : Proximus N.V.; BE0003810273

Can you add also this one?:
XIOR.BR : Xior Student Housing N.V.; BE0974288202

And this Danish company listed at Xetra:
VWS.DE : Vestas Wind Systems AS; DK0010268606

doesn’t look like we have the Belgian stock exchanges listed yet so the stocks will have to wait until it is, or find an alternative listing that is on a stock exchange we do have and proves to be liquid enough.