AERC - Aeroclean Technologies: Please add this to CFDs

AERC IPOd around 1-2 weeks ago and shares are avaliable in investment section but it isn’t on the CFD section. I would want to have a go at betting that this stock will go down. Could you please add it to the CFD section? Thank you.

@Erenio @MihailM Can you please add AERC listing.

@David @Rumen Can you please add AERC listing. We from germany cannot see the listing in CFD section.

@Joey_Fantana Are you able to see the AERC listing in 212? I am trading from Germany and couldnot see the listing

Hi @Dinesh - I’m in the UK and can see it fine. I suspect your issue is that you are on the EU platform which is a bit behind in getting assets added.

@Hris.M gave an update on the alignment yesterday;

I’m not sure which post the EU requests are being added I’m afraid.

Hey, everyone :wave:

We’ve just added AERC to CFD. It will start quoting within the next few minutes.

Edit: It’ll also be available for clients registered under the EU entity. (CFD & Invest).