Stock Request TDSA.LS


Would like to have a stock available here:

I know it’s listed in a small exchange (Euronext Lisbon) but the volume is decent and the stock is headed in the right direction to return to the PSI20.

Much appreciated.

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If it’s possible to add another one from the Same exchange I’d love to invest in both.

Isin : PTBCP0AM0015

Much appreciated.

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if we don’t have the exchange listed already then you will have to wait for it to be added before any stocks from it can be added.

doubled checked and we don’t have any access to the Portuguese market as of current.

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Is there any expectation of having Euronext Lisbon in the next months?


perhaps by year end, depends on how busy T212 get and what order they prioritise things. I think the next batch of exchanges is in the Asian markets, then perhaps 1 or 2 in northern Europe and hopefully Canada xD

I think its safe to assume however that it will be inevitable for all strong liquid exchanges to become accessible in the future on T212.

Thank you for information provided :slight_smile:

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+1 for Euronext Lisbon