[Stock Requests] New stocks - IIPR, BIP, MPLX, EPD and ET


Would it be possible to add the following stocks? Also appreciating how responsive T212 is to new requests.

  1. Innovative industrial properties Inc - NYSE:IIPR - Cannabis focused Reit
    2.Brookfield LP’s - BIP, BEP and BPR/BPY
  2. MPLX - NYSE:MPLX - MLP based around Marathons assets
    4.Enterprise product partners - NYSE:EPD - Midstream in Us
    5.Energy transfer partners - NYSE:ET - Midstream in US


ET is already available for trading :wink:

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Great thank you, now waiting for the rest

I see BPY and IIPR have been added already.

Could PBA - Pembina pipeline also be added along with MPLX and EPD?

@Beans17 All of the securities are live. PBA will available once US markets open.

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New user here. Considering on moving over from DEGIRO.

I was looking for MPLX in T212 (this is one of my investments held in DEGIRO) but could not find it.
Above it says that it has been added, but I cannot find it. Was this reversed somehow?
Will it be added in the future?
Can I trust that companies requested in the forum are added, or will I find in the future that not all companies (especially interested in US/Canada exchanges) end up available for the investors?


It is available via search option.

Also for stock request, if exchange is available to t212, they will be added in due time. T212 is constantly looking to add new exchange to the already existing once.

I noticed some stocks are not visible if you go country/sector. Hopefully this will get fixed in future release , as usual. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply. I wonder if I’m missing something?

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Are you searching on Invest account or CFD?

As I find it on invest, however on CFD it is not found.

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Thanks for pointing that out. I did a little digging and it seems like I don’t have access to the investing account at the moment due to my account having been created a while ago before this service was available where I live.

I will try to have my account closed and re-opened in order to have acces to the investing.


SCHD and VYM would be great as well!

@David Could you please add $SAVE Spirit Airlines as well

Many thanks for the outstanding work. @David
Is it possible to add CYAN (CYR) DE000A2E4SV8 to the next tranche? Thanks a lot! :wink: