PLZ add these stocks

Could you please add these stocks ?

Parex Resources Inc. (PXT.TO)
ISIN : CA69946Q1046

Enefit Green (EGR1T)
ISIN : EE3100137985

BML, Inc. (4694.T)
ISIN : JP3799700004

Japan Electronic Materials Corporation (6855.T)
ISIN : JP3735300000

Bamboos Health Care Holdings Limited (2293.HK)
ISIN : KYG072191011

Tks a lot <3

A very quick check to this pinned topic would have told you none of these stocks are listed on exchanges supported by T212.

They will not be added.

If you find some of these companies with a secondary listing on an exchange supported by T212, you may request those. Keep in mind secondary listings tend to suffer from low liquidity.


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