Stock requests - please add these asap

BRH - Braveheart Investment Group plc
NCYT - Novacyt SA
AVCT - Avacta Group Plc
ODX - Omega Diagnostics Group Plc
GDR - Genedrive PLC
ORPH - Open Orphan PLC
ORCP - Oracle Power PLC
SNG - Synairgen plc
UJO - Union Jack Oil
VDTK - Verditek PLC
SYME - Supply@Me Capital PLC
DKE - Dukemount Capital PLC
I3E - I3 Energy

Lots of good stocks that are not currently listed. Thanks in advance!


Upping )
Keep up the good work!

These would all be nice…:+1:

@David @Team212

Can you please add these stocks?

Yes, please can you add - AVCT - Avacta Group Plc

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So many updates on these companies since a request was made 3 weeks ago…still no sign?

I noticed from my personal request, which was on March 3rd, (still not added) the longer the list, the more time it took , while single stock requests were fulfilled sometimes in days/week/month or such…

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Any ETA on these please? @Team212 @David