Stock suggestions

How long does it normally take to add stock suggestions?

Thank you

Two months ago it was around 7-8 days (depending on the backlog).
Now this process seems to be on pause until the end of the month:

I hope soon we will have an update on this subject.

@Brunzig @BoolQ Once we finish the upgrades we’ve started, adding new stocks will happen within the day.


That’s good news, thanks for the update!
Is the end of April still an expected time for the new data providers and finished upgrades?

@BoolQ It might even happen sooner. :wink:


@David, nice! I’ll keep my fingers crossed then :crossed_fingers: :grin: Cheers! :v:

Awesome thank you. With the markets at a low I wouldn’t investing in some of my suggestions in the main thread.

Thank you.

@David does this also apply to CFD requests?

@chantal Absolutely!

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Ok. Thanks again!

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