Stocks & ETFs requests - add here

Ah! Fair point. T212 wont do HK stocks still, right?

In which case Great Wall has a German listing too that might be tradeable …

D’oh! Doesn’t look like IB has the German listing set up.


Hey @Joey_Fantana @Team212

Please could you add the ticker: BAIN

BAINS MER MONACO ( Société des bains de mer de Monaco)

It’s on the French exchange.


Can this be added?

It’s on IBKR so should be alright. We’ll find out later today. :+1:t2:

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Hi Can we please have NSH, Norish on the AIM market listed.

NSH delisted from AIM due to a name change.

It’s also not on IB per this help thread:

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Hi, it is now trading as Roebuck Food Group. Please can we add that instead then?

@admins can you add $META Roundhill Ball ETF on the NYSE please

Unfortunately not, as US ETFs aren’t available in the UK.


@admins Please can you add:


Russian Aluminium Producer

Hello @David and @Team212

Can we request to add Roundhill Ball Metaverse ETF (META) Would really love to have one on ISA portfolio. Thank you in advance! Advance Merry Christmas!



@AlteredCarbon if you are talking about the ETF listed on the NYSE you should know we cannot have US ETFs.


Can we get the following:

Fischer Sports Betting & iGaming UCITS ETF - BETP
HAN-GINS Cloud Technology Equal Weight UCITS ETF - SKYP
Invesco MSCI Saudi Arabia ETF (GBP) | MSAP

Hi can you add 8december/2021 IPO of NUBANK?

And The Metaverse ETF? (Ticker: META from Roundhill Investments. Primary Exchange: NYSE)

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Hi @Martas

  • IPOs can rarely be added before their IPO date as often the instrument has not yet been created on the platform. It’ll no doubt get added on the day

  • American ETFs can’t be added to UK platforms. They aren’t compliant


Thank you for answer. But many of the T212 ETFs are traded on the NYSE and are directly American. (Nasdaq, Sap500, Russell… ). Or am I just not understanding something?

Can you share an example. European investors can only be sold funds that are UCITS compliant. It’s set by the regulator. Are you perhaps confusing what the funds are invested in rather than where they are domiciled / registered for sale? The NASDAQ, S&P500 and Russel are indexes, and many European funds have been setup as cheap trackers of them.

There’s a guide here on how to check what can be added by another user:

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Yes it is true. My fault.


WisdomTree US Treasuries 10Y 3x Daily Leveraged

Please Add

WKN: A2QQQU ISIN: CH0557519201 Ticker-Symbol: ERO