Stocks & ETFs requests - add here

Please can you add this new ETF Amundi Prime All Country World UCITS ETF (WEBG)


Hi could you please add IRBO iShares robotics ai etf please :pray:t3:

Hi @Ahmed890 US domiciled ETFs aren’t generally available for trading in Europe.

You can maybe find a suitable alternative using justETF. More often than not the ETFs available will have “UCITS” in their title.

Could we get some Vanguard ESG North America All Cap (GBP) (V3NB:LSE) love please?

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I would like to trade/invest in Storytel. This can be via OTC or OMXSTO or one of the german stock exchanges like GETTEX, SWB or TRADEGATE.

I’ve seen a topic similar like this one but without reply:
Add Storytel AB

Can you please add BPYPM please, it’s available in IBKR so please include it
I don’t want to open a new broker just for that, unfortunately if not possible I may have to …,

Can you please enable ticker DRW3 on Invest side, now is available only on CFD?
Thanks in advance.

HI, I can’t find Metals Exploration which is on LSE on trading212 ISA. Can it be added THanks

Hi @Tony.V @Bogi.H and the team.

Are you able to add CK Asset (CHKGF:US) into the ISA?

Looks like its on the OTC market so should qualify.

Its other company CK Huchinson (CHKUY) is on OTC and available in a ISA.

Many thanks!

Please add symbol DJT, thanks

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Are you able to add the Vanguard ESG V3 ETFS? you have a few listed but most for some reason are on the German market not LSE.

Thank you.


Please can you add
JHYP - JPMorgan Global High Yield Corporate Bond Multi-Factor UCITS ETF - GBP Hedged (dist)

The related fund (JGHY) is already on the plaform which is the USD Acc ETF

Please add the JPMorgan Global Equity Premium Income UCITS ETF - JEPG

It’s the JEPI UCITS alternative for global markets. Nice to have for additional income.

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Please can you add the following ETF:
MLPP - Invesco Morningstar US Energy Infrastructure MLP UCITS ETF Dist

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Hi team,

Although these are very new and not yet even available on the IBKR, could you kindly add these two at first chance. I assume IBKR will add these as well soon.

  1. RIC: INCU.DE, ISIN: IE000WHL2ZK1, iShares U.S. Equity High Income UCITS ETF

  2. RIC: WINCG.DE, ISIN: IE000KJPDY61, iShares World Equity High Income UCITS ETF

Thanks a lot!

Please, add the following ETFs to easily allow global investors to control their exposure to the US, both are available in IBKR :slight_smile:

Can you add ARLP please

Please add Destiny Tech100 Inc (DXYZ@NYSE)


Seconding XMUS please

Can you please add Amundi ETF Leveraged MSCI USA Daily UCITS ETF EUR
ISIN FR0010755611, ticker 18MF/CL2

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