Stocks & ETFs requests - add here

this used to be available but was removed i believe due to regulations in the UK could be wrong though
EDIT: Please can you add EPD - #3 by Bogi.H link to staff member confirming it was removed

It’s due US Tax legislation (IRS) about US-domiciled PTP. a.k.a. LP (Limited Partnership).

Unless mistaken, that tax legislation were launched recently and most brokers reacted to it due to the unfavorable tax conditions for investors.

The US created that, to tax more revenues for them, so don’t expect to be revert soon, unless Trump do anything about it.

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Please add the euro version of SPDR MSCI Europe Value UCITS ETF for european version of T212.

Ticker: ZPRW

Edit: Also the SPDR MSCI World Value UCITS ETF

TICKER: WVAL (Amsterdam)


I see VALW is at “view only” category. So i guess it’s only available to UK members for now.

Thank you,

This looks like it could be a good ETF to add

iShares Semiconductor ETF

Valid 3 days ago and still today:

And guess what, that ETF have several European versions. Just do a quick search.

Just buy SEMI on London or Amsterdam if you want to buy in GBP or EUR or SEME on Paris if you want the EUR variant. Off the top of my head T212 have IE000I8KRLL9 SEMI definitely available already

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I really need to keep on top of what I am buying!!

As soon as I saw your post I thought, hang on, I already own SEMI in EUR :grinning:

Thanks, mate.

I would like more crypto ETPs like GB00BM9JYK91. Additionally, could you present options similar to Scalable Capital?

Crypto ETPs are only available for the T212 EU entity (based in Cyprus). If it’s your case.

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Yes i live in the Netherlands. But the supply of trading 212 is more limited than scalable Capital. That’s why I hope more can be added. Like the uniswap Coin. And I found them under ETFs at alternatives But would be useful if it was under cryptos. And if it were possible to place it in one folder per Crypto type, as with scalable Capital.

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Has this been removed? I can’t even search for this in UK.

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The more alternative are the digital assets, less AUM the ETP have, and due to that, they have higher spreads due to lower liquidity the ETPs have.

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That makes also sense. But if you use crypto you can find it easier. If you do Search on product type.

But It is also logical that the crypto cfds for trading 212 are more interesting than the etos. But before I chose trading 212, I tried different brokers And I think it’s useful how Scalable Capital presented it, but of course they had a different business model

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Could we add Rydex S&P 500 2x Strategy Funds:

Theres loads of other Rydex here as well which seems to be completely missing from t212:

I only see the NL and DE listings for Ishares Global semiconductor.
The London listing was only created in Jan 24 so maybe T212 have not added it yet?

iShares MSCI Global Semiconductors UCITS ETF - London stock exchange listing

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Can you please add ETF ticker SEMG
Amundi MSCI Semiconductors ESG Screened UCITS ETF Acc

Read post from 2 days ago:

:point_right: Navigation alert for all customers:
A) In Europe and UK, US-domiciled ETFs and funds aren’t allowed for retail investors.
B) Read this topic before making any requests:

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JPM GBP Ultra-Short Income ETF GBP Acc (JGSA)
Sterling Short-Term Money Market Fund: VASTMGA (acc), VASSTAI (dist)

Did you read the previous post link “Stocks & ETFs requests Help”?

Before you assume, at least 5 times.
There was no mention on their website that it was a mutual fund.
I also just now realised it isn’t in IB.