Stocks & ETFs requests - add here

Hi David so why can’t this be added? I’m new and trying to understand…which at the moment I do not. Thanks

It needs to be Penny Stock Exempt. you would see that as another badge/label where it says verified profile. compare your screenshot to the one in the post above it and you can see what I mean.

Gotcha thanks for your guidance

ATVK dose not have the penny stock exempt badge yet it’s available on trading 212???

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Can the following be added please:

VUAG - Please make this fractional, so I can add to my pie.

RBTX - This is the GBX version of RBOT.


Please add IQST and VTLR @David @Team212 :white_check_mark:

please can you add $KWBT its a PSE @David @Team212 :white_check_mark:

Please consider adding ASTI and PSYK( it’s a new stock that’s starting from Wednesday :no_entry_sign:


$INAQ please for ISA!

Could you add Reliance Industries Ltd. GDR? :no_entry_sign:

PSYK is an ETF I’m highly interested in, hope this can be brought to T212!

Can we get NVNXF please. Any chance by tomorrow??? Please please please :no_entry_sign:

Hello @David

This one has ‘penny stock exempt’ -> $IQST

Could you please add it?

Thank you

@Megabytes @AlteredCarbon $GSPE :white_check_mark:

@mrowland101 We’d like to but both CNC & ANP are not available on Interactive Brokers so we cannot.

@diachikku None of them are penny stock exempt.

@anotherterror $PKKFF :white_check_mark:

@liamel_messi It’s not penny stock exempt.

@Megabytes $RSSV :white_check_mark:

@AgoSte It’s not penny stock exempt.

@yllix $ABQQ :white_check_mark:

@isistyle $KWBT :white_check_mark:

@Minotaur86 $NVNXF :white_check_mark:

@Bunghi $IQST :white_check_mark:


Thanks @David God bless <3

Thank you so much david

Can you please add this etf and make it fractional?
VanEck Vectors Semiconductor UCITS IE00BMC38736
Ticker: SMH

Can you also make this etf fractional:
Ticker: EDOC

Thanks in advance!

CNC is on

ANP isn’t

according to my quick search

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It can’t sorry
Not compliant in Europe