Stocks & ETFs requests - add here

Hi! Can you please add KAHOOT! (OTC: KHOTF)!! It seems a lot of people have been asking for this stock since November but it hasn’t been added to the platform yet…

Thank you :slight_smile: :soon:

Thank you David!!! You the man

Hello @David, @Team212 Please can you add Ticker VTLR :white_check_mark:, GNTLF :no_entry_sign:?


RBTX & fractional VUAG please

Hi David can CAPC be added?


Evogene Ltd (Ticker: EVGN) :white_check_mark:

LifeStrategy 80% Equity UCITS ETF - (EUR) Accumulating

  • Ticker iNav Bloomberg: IV80AEUR
  • Bloomberg: V80A GY
  • ISIN: IE00BMVB5R75

LifeStrategy® 60% Equity UCITS ETF - (EUR) Accumulating

  • Ticker iNav Bloomberg: IV60AEUR
  • Bloomberg: V60A GY
  • ISIN: IE00BMVB5P51

LifeStrategy® 40% Equity UCITS ETF - (EUR) Accumulating

  • Ticker iNav Bloomberg: IV40AEUR
  • Bloomberg: V40A GY
  • ISIN: IE00BMVB5M21
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Alliance Bioenergy Plus Inc (Ticker: ALLM) :interrobang:

Hi, can we please get TFI International (TFII) added? :no_entry_sign:
Thanks in advance

Hi, can we please get ENZC added?
Thanks in advance

Hi may you add BCII Blockchain Technologies. :no_entry_sign:

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Can you please add the following 3 stocks:

VPER. (Viper Networks Inc.)

INND. (Innerscope Hearing Technologies Inc.)

VITX. (Vitana-X Inc.)

Thank you


Global Aggregate Bond UCITS ETF EUR Hedged Accumulating (VAGF)

  • EUR - Deutsche Boerse
  • ISIN: IE00BG47KH54
  • Exchange ticker : VAGF
  • Reuters : VAGF. DE
  • Bloomberg : VAGF GY

Is there anyway we can get BLSP? :no_entry_sign:

They won’t be able to add them as it’s not a Penny Stock Exempt.
Just go to put in your thicker and be sure it has the Penny Stock Exempt badge. Only they can be added.

could you please add MMEDF , Thank you !

Hello Tony. Can you please add MMEDF Mind Medicine (MindMed) Inc / MMED please.

Could you please add MMEDF , thank you

Can CAPC be added please

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