Stocks & ETFs requests - add here

Hello, can we add ILUS from otc? :no_entry_sign:

Regards, keep good work guys.

Are they adding all the requests on the same day?

Please add LSE Aim stocks: BLOE, VELA, CTEA and BLU @Team212 @David

VALNEVA - (VLS) - good vaccine company - please add :soon:

Thanks very much.L

Dear @David and @Team212

Can you please add ITCC - Inspro Technologies Corp it’s PSE :interrobang:
Thank you :slight_smile:


Thank you for alllowing us to do international trading for free.
I would love if you can add all of the stocks from the European exchanges available. For example I see that a lot of Swiss stocks are available, but not all. It would be nice if you can add
IVF Hartmann Holding AG (SWX: VBSN) and Cie Financiere Tradition SA (CFT:SIX). From the UK Stocks I see that Total Produce is missing. It’s traded in AIM. Not that I will necessary invest in these stocks, but it’s nice to have an even wider selection.


Hi guys can you please add this stock

Thank you :beers: @David @George

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You’ve missed loads
Can you add

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Could I also nudge this post.
Great companies.

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The more of us the better! #ura

UAPC please, I know it’s not penny stock exempt but neither are ATVK and CBBT so there must be another way for these to be added.

URA and URNM please, great addition to sustainable energy pies in the future!

Hello, can I please request the following:

VanEck Vectors Semiconductor ETF (LSE:SMGB)

Could you please add ASTI (ascent solar tech. inc) to your portfolio please? :no_entry_sign:

Thanks for the cooperation.

@JVP CAPC :white_check_mark:
@Martin95 EVGN :white_check_mark:, ALLM :x: - Not penny stock exempt.
@Bob123 TFII :white_check_mark:
@Leam890 ENZC :x: - Not penny stock exempt.
@stockszen BCII :x: - Not penny stock exempt.
@Seandr3 :x: All of the 3 tickers are not penny stock exempt.
@Alvin.W @rjmorris MMEDF :x: - Not penny stock exempt.
@Suule ILUS :x: - Not penny stock exempt.
@AlteredCarbon ITCC :white_check_mark:


Nice one. Thank you @David

Can you please add this etf and make it fractional?
VanEck Vectors Semiconductor UCITS IE00BMC38736
Ticker: SMH

Can you also make this etf fractional:
Ticker: EDOC

Is this not possible or didnt you see my post
Thanks in advance!

thanks @David It says error though when I try to buy…

Please can T212 add Bitcoin Tracker EUR XBT Provider? Thank you.

David, what about VAGF? (Global Aggregate Bond UCITS ETF EUR Hedged Accumulating)
We already have VAGP, VAGU, and VAGS for different currencies but EUR is missing! Please add VAGF