Stocks & ETFs requests - add here

Hi, can you please add the euro version of L&G US Energy Infrastructure MLP UCITS ETF

From the site justetf I see there is an euro version of it, in both the XETRA and on the Italian stock exchange

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Add EUR denominated VanEck Vectors Morningstar Global Wide Moat UCITS IE00BL0BMZ89 and VanEck Vectors Morningstar US Wide Moat IE00BQQP9H09 on Xetra or Borsa Italiana.

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Please add FFWD Fastforward

Hi, I would like to ask the Trading 212 team to add fractional shares to the following ETF:

Ticker symbol SXRV.DE, iShares NASDAQ 100 UCITS ETF, ISIN IE00B53SZB19

Thank you!


Please add Lyxor MSCI Greece UCITS ETF - Dist
The ETF is available on Xetra.
ISIN: FR0010405431
Ticker: LYMH

Please add these two ETFs available on Xetra and make them fractional:


Please add 21Vianet stock.

It’s currently only available on the invest platform and not on the ISA one.

Also similarly please add GDS Holdings to the ISA platform.

Also please add global partners LP :white_check_mark:

Please also add chindata to the ISA platform

@Stevepredator - have you checked to see if these companies are eligible for ISA inclusion?

I haven’t looked but I’m guessing all of these are based outside of the UK or US, headquartered in China perhaps?

Most likely they are ADRs, which means they are not eligible to be included in ISAs.

@Joey_Fantana indeed 3 of the above are ADRs for Chinese companies. But this should not be an issue as there are already Chinese ADRs available on the ISA platform which I also hold. Namely Alibaba, China Life insurance, China mobile, Yum china etc.

And I must say I do wonder how many of those you just mentioned should be available in the ISA, judging by the Nio debacle last year.

Perhaps I’m on the the wrong tack mentioning ADRs.

Take a look at this thread, which probably explains it better than I could;

Please can oatly (OTLY) be added :white_check_mark:


KraneShares launches Europe’s first ‘Nasdaq of China’ ETF

Emerging markets ETF issuer KraneShares has launched the first ETF in Europe to offer exposure to the 50 largest companies in China’s STAR market.

The KraneShares ICBCCS SSE Star Market 50 Index UCITS ETF (KSTR) is listed on the London Stock Exchange.

I’m surprised that we don’t have Lyxor Nasdaq 100 Daily (2x) Leveraged UCITS ETF - Acc

Is it possible to have this? At the moment I see only 3x options in T212 but it’s too risky for long-term


Please add the Lukoil ADR stock listed on the LSE (LKODADR)

@David any news on this? Could you give us an approximate timeline for this batch and an idea of the methodology that will be used to choose the selected ETFs?


RADI (nasdaq) Radius Global Infrastructure Inc :white_check_mark:

Hey Guys can you please add BTCW and ETHW from the Euronet Exchanges, when you have time.

BTCW - Is the Wisdom Tree Bitcoin ETP
ETHW - Is the Wisdom Tree Ethereum ETP

You can see more details here: WisdomTree lists bitcoin and ether ETPs on Euronext

Thank you.

FCA banned all crypto-derivatives investment products for retail investors since January 2021. Includes futures, options, CFDs, ETPs, ETNs.

(Lately some people continue to ask this kind of financial products, maybe a sticker on the forum or in the T212 FAQ/Help page could avoid people continuing to ask this. The same for US domiciled ETFs, US mutual funds and CEFs, penny stocks not eligible, stocks listed on exchanges not present in T212, etc. Perhaps a list of not eligible investment products in T212 to avoid people asking for that.)

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