Stocks on CFD having zero sell or buys

I’ve noticed once a stock goes to ‘0’ buys or sells available on CFD, it never returns.

Prime example being $Gety, it ran out of sells over 2 months ago at this point, I struggle to believe that this has continually been a risk issue when the stock has reduced so much.

Same with $RUM, this has been blocked off for a while now, is there any timelines for how long stocks are blocked off for and when are they reviewed?

Let me shed some light on that, @Darryl. There are no specific timeframes for changing the maximum trading quantities for long and short positions. Those limits are in place due to many factors, including insufficient liquidity or unfavourable trading conditions. Nevertheless, we’re reviewing and increasing them whenever possible, and the market allows us.

For the time being, we won’t be increasing the limits for GETY and RUM, but I’ll let you know if anything changes.