Restricted Trading in CFD - Update?

Any news on when CFD trading will be back to some sort of normality? Too many instruments are still not available to fully trade.


The measures were implemented with one intent only- to make sure our clients and the company adapt as smoothly as possible to the unprecedented times which we have been made witnesses of lately.

Rest assured, once the situation normalizes, we will adapt the platform accordingly.

Yet, I do not currently dispose of any ETA, as the circumstances remain delicate.

“We have a regulatory obligation to minimize the risk of a single event causing us to fail.”

The above is the answer I got to my enquiry as to why so many CFDs are on “restricted trading” status…?

When you try to place an order you just get:-

“The maximum remaining quantity for long positions with this instrument is 0”.

Is there any true logic behind these restrictions… other than to stop us trading an instrument that is “going up”?

PLEASE if anyone understands the real reason they do this please explain…

Thank you

They are selecting assets that they suspect to rally thus lose money on… and increase their risk.
If you look you will see the instruments that are restricted are ones that technically are looking very Bullish.
All exchanges have to risk mitigate but they have reached a level of risk exposure where the platform isn’t fit for purpose. I have been pulling money back from this site for months.
And will go back to a proper trading platform where if I see something I want to buy or sell I don’t need to worry wether the platform is going to cap my purchase.