Stocks were still blocked to trade . What is the use of CFD?

Still can’t place buy orders for some stocks like Tesla, FB, Nio etc., Its been more than 2 weeks. what is the use of CFD ? When you guys allow us to trade?


Intrigued to hear this answer, bump!

Any news yet. Still not able to purchase


I asked earlier this week … apparently temporary but seems like for the foreseeable future.

Basically need to look for a new CFD provider. There are a few which charge lower spreads and lower interest. Over a year this could save you 5% of your charges minimum or much much more if you trade big bucks.

There is still plenty to use and trade on the CFD platform.
If you feel tied down in the short term, migrate some positions to the Invest side.

You know the answer.
The T212 team advised this is temporary, so be patient and wait for things to revert.