Tesla CFD can’t buy but can sell


Why I cannot place a buy order for Tesla in CFD, when I can see I can place sell order.
Why there are such restrictions when there is no huge volatility.
May I know when the restrictions will be removed.


I am also facing same issue…

Yes, this is bit insane!

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Thanks @nickspacemonkey for sharing link.

Is Trading212 controlling price movement of this stock?

Not the price movement, their exposure. Presumably everybody wants to go long right now and they don’t want to/can’t match the oppposite side of the trade because volume is too much. That’s why you can still go short, because it reduces the overall long positions for them as a broker on the whole.

Its insane. When people able to trade in other platforms, why Trading 212 restricts. If people already got short positions, there is no way to hedge their positions…

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Never hedge, double down :crazy_face:


When will we be able to buy CFDs again? Why do we not get a clear response?

There has to be clear notification before this sort thing gets implemented and should give us when this restriction likely to be removed. As stated above, no other brokers do such restrictions and why only T212?

I’ve seen crappy penney stocks like bankrupt oil companies being restricted but never imagined that Tesla would be disabled on T212.

Are you forcasting that it will go down?

It was a joke, I genuinely have no idea what will happen.

They’ve done similar with Nio restricting longs to just 100 shares

It’s 1 share for me. And I don’t have any CFD positions open. I also noticed that the fees are double if you’re going long for Tesla and NIO

When buy option will be enabled for Tesla?

Can we have some proper response from T212, is someone from T212 monitor these community topics?

US markets open, still buy option is not enabled!! Can someone from T212 respond please?

Exactly, should and must notify users BEFOREHAND. Cannot just change the rules on a whim. Unacceptable.

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I think this, like many other notches & glitches help us to sharpen our awareness and improve our sensitivity to potential loss scenarios. I wasn’t in a trade and wanted to but, there it was. The Notice. I feel for those who are in trades right now. It must be incredibly frustrating. My action was to accept that this had happened and thought i’d look elsewhere for a trade while I wait till this issue is dealt with only to find that all other data was not available. In this case I will probably wait 24 hours or more if necessary and then watch a while before going back in on a trade.