STOXX 50 tracker fractional

STOXX 50 is an important index but none of the ETFs tracking it is fractional. Other markets do have fractional ETFs (VUSA, VUKE, ISF, VJPN, VAPX, VFEM, etc). I suggest as fractional

  • EUE dist (largest of all the STOXX 50 trackers, OCF 0.10%)

  • VX5E dist (many people like Vanguard, OCF 0.10%,)

  • CS51 (accumulating version of EUE, OCF 0.10%)
    This is not yet on the platform, but would be nice to have. It is the second largest STOXX 50 tracker on the market. It would complement the other iShares Core accumulating region trackers: CSP1, SJPA, CPJ1 and EMIM (which would also be nice to have fractional).

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