Can you please add a total US Market Index?

For example Vanguard US equity Index ISIN: GB00B5B71Q71

It will please all the Bogleheads :wink:

This is a fund. Trading 212 does not currently support investment in any funds.

Well if there are any etfs that track the total US market then that what I’m requesting that trading 212 adds.

Sadly there is none.

This reference may help:

"The VTI and VTASX are both index funds which track the CRSP US Total Market index. This index tracks the performance of all companies in the US stock market across all market caps. The VTI is the ETF version while VTASX is the mutual fund version.

There isn’t any EU domiciled ETF tracking the CRSP US Total Market index. Also there isn’t any EU domiciled ETF tracking an alternative index with a similar goal.

An alternative would be picking a S&P 500 ETF since the performance of the S&P 500 index and the CRSP US Total Market index are highly correlated. The returns between of these two indexes are similar because the companies of the S&P 500 index, are the largest companies in the US, and are responsible for the majority of the whole stock market’s performance."


I was afraid of that. Thanks for the link :+1:

@jep739 Amazing what you can learn in a few seconds with a search engine!

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No harm in asking though was there

Fine to ask. Others may benefit.