Swing trading from ISA account? etc. NOOB here

Swing trading from ISA account. Can this be done?
Yes, I’m avoiding CFD account.

I Started using real money 9 days ago.

A couple of days ago I started moving my instruments over to ISA to avoid tax.

So far - in 212 Invest - i’ve just been buying and selling like a manic madman when things steeply go up or down. Returns indicates approx +£55 earnings, but my History says Total returns -£371. I’d sold off eg my Lloyd’s which was -£70, but jeez - didn’t expect that grim Total Return. Humbling and slightly depressing.

When buying:-
Is there a way to automatically set a timed Execute for when price reaches a certain point? Also a way to sell when the graph reaches a low? Stop loss I think does this but I’ve not quite got my head around the concept or the controls in 212. Not used Stop Loss at all so far but I think I need it now. Eg Zoom has me at +252 on Friday 3pm but luckily I logged on at 7pm in time to sell it off when it was crashing

Nice to be here, I’m glad there’s a community.

Advice please folks

Hey there,

my advice would be to use the practice platform more, or alongside.
Setup some dummy trades and explore the stop/stop-limit/buy-limit functionality. It’s super simple but better to see it in person to understand it’s quirks.

Also, remember to factor in the currency exchange rates if dealing in foreign stocks.

  • if you pay for a UK stock, stamp duty will shave your total return down.

To buy at a certain level if the stock goes down, use a LIMIT buy order.

To sell at a certain level if the stock goes up, use a STOP order.

To buy at a certain price and sell at a certain price, use STOP LIMIT.

Expriation - set to GTC to run non stop until it hits your price.
Or keep it as End of Day, to only be active for that current day. If it doesn’t hit the price that day, it deletes itself.

Have a play around, it will all make sense.


Ok :+1: great
I’ve set it up
This should work?..

Looks right to me. Keep an eye on this to make sure it doesn’t expire, though.