Confusion regarding buying stocks with Stop/Loss + Take Profit

Hi Guys,

I’m very new to the world of Trading and Trading 212. I’ve spent the past few days researching info about how to trade etc and i have decided swing trading sounds the best option for me.

I am currently using the Demo CFD account but i am struggling with actually purchasing shares with a Stop/Loss + Take Profit. I have attached two screenshots.

My questions are as follows;

  1. The buy price top right is at “£55.893” but when i enter 1 share it comes to £3.70 (10 @ £36.68~), why is this?
  2. When i try and buy these shares with a Stop/Loss + Take Profit, i get a pop up “the distance value must be higher than the current market spread”. What is this and how do i figure out what’s too far and what isnt?
  3. Is a CFD account the best to use for Swing Trading or should i be using an Investing account?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, really struggling to get my head round this

Image 2

(Image 1

@tgiDylan Just to be clear: you cannot buy real shares on CFD account.
You need to switch to ISA or Invest.

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Use the ISA (or Invest if you have an S&S ISA elsewhere)

I would use that for swing trades going long with your own funds. However it’s worth building up to that, you need to have some decent chart analysis skills or you’ll be playing lucky dip.

You can swing with CFD but you need to be familiar with leverage and margin etc and you’ll deal with swap for holding over the day.

I don’t CFD but the screengrab is pointing out that the stop is being set above 55.336 the current BID 54.207 so would trigger immediately if it didn’t have that warning.