T212 Forum app/ integration

I would love to see either a seperate app for this forum site or it to be intergrated into trading212 itself. I love scrolling through this forum but i only use t212 on my phone and its a bit out of the way to go onto the internet to get to this (whereas on a desktop you’re on the internet anyway). I think it would get a lot more people involved. (Integrated into the app itself would be superior imo)


The pie feature has this built into it. Although not the community itself it does have contribution and communication

You can set it fundamentally as an app if you add it to Home Screen. Try it

I don’t want the forum built in personally. I like the discourse forum software they use and the discourse app works well.

What I would love to see is they can enable chat on any instrument so the talk is specifically about that stock. Using the same system like the pie comments.

It would be great to open any random stock and find fellow T212s who have an interest in it and to share ideas with.

How do I do that? I sometimes see the option pop up on websites but don’t actually know hoe to make it pop up

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iPhone or Android? I think both you go to the webpage on your browsers and go to a setting somewhere and add to home screen. In iPhone:

Then you get a nice app like this:

Im on a samsung so its gonna be slightly different. I’ll do some research on it thank you very much for the help😁. I also respect that lil sneaky self promo u did so i’ll give u a sub😂


Legend :joy::four_leaf_clover:
It will be in the setting on top right then if using chrome. Pretty sure. Used to be android for a long time

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