Taking some profit back

Thank you IO,
I appreciate the advice you and others have given, this is a good set of people on here, nobody has put me down as a newbie and everyone has been very friendly and explained some of my dumb questions lol.


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You can pm me any time of the day, and i’ll do my very best to help ya out.

Do not be afraid to ask dumb quistions, they are eaiser to handle then dumb mistakes

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One of my colleagues plays the penny stocks, pharma ones as you say and he has made some really nice gains. Probably ones I could of dream of one day.

He is also a gambling addict with a high risk tolerance and won’t be investing in a year once the luck has ran out.


I take it the Penny stocks are the AIM ones is that right?

Some are classed as penny stocks on AIM but not all.

Take for example Boohoo 294p

Penny stocks is an American term for anything under 5 dollars.

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Penny stocks are also an easy way to blow up your account, so be careful.

There’s a thread floating about entitled along the lines of ‘What’s your biggest loser?’ - I’d go read that - I’m sure many of the losses posted there have come from penny stocks.

Personally, with the exception of IAG, all of my bags have come from penny stocks. And they are bad losses. Most I just cut loose, comfortable with the loss. I still have one remaining and it is down 60%.

Be careful.


Playing penny stocks requires a lot of attention to keep up with potential catalysts and other information.
there are many listed on the US exchanges which are available on T212 too - but without extended hours available to trade it’s even riskier.

As always the high risk, high (potential) reward is valid for them.

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Well I’ve sold everything in my portfolio and withdrawn most of my money. I left some in and I’ll wait till Wednesday for the large input of new stocks.

Start with what are you trying to achieve and then think about how much you can afford to risk.

The answers to those should help set out your investing strategy.

After that it comes down to managing your expectations and working how much time you can put into it.

I suspect if I was your age I’d be looking for a mix of stable growth and dividend paying stocks that will beat inflation/interest rates ie not taking many risks but also having stable rewards.

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