Talk about things crashing lol

Edit: Well that was fast, we back up now.

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same. Can’t log in…
edit: can’t

Yup I guess massive traffic today

Thank god I had no trades open. I’d probably be jumping out the window now if I did.

Yeah, i’m perfectly happy to not look at my losses right now.

All up and running. Be sure to contact our team, and we will review each case. Keep also in mind that since US indices were indicated to open at -7%, the trading was immediately halted for 15 minutes.


@Tony.V in future is this likely to happen again? Just hope we don’t see Robin hood style outages. Because it would have been nice to buy at some of the opening lows (after it reopened).

They were not the only ones hits by unprecedented loads. IG also had an outage this morning. Number of concurrent users can be an impossible thing to predict, abit like the markets lol. Larger companies thant T212 fail at this.


there is a feature callled limit buy, you can check futures movement. See pre market price of stock and set limit buy very much away from manual work during peak traffic.

As long as whole app doesnt crash we are fine, during this volatile times i pick my stock and set limit buy on each 5% drop, if lucky sometime 2x limit buys trigger on lower 10% drop.

Anyway you can automate most of buying selling, avoid having problems of real time buying. For Investor account ofc. :slight_smile:



But the problem is that doesnt work with fractions. You may very we able to set limit orders for alphabet and amazon or a lot of the other NYSE and NASDAQ stocks. But I doubt everyone else can.

I already use limit orders for alot of my ftse shares which are abit more manageable.

Regardless of workarounds, I don’t think its unreasonable to ask about the stability of the platform during moments like today.

@Vedran can you explain this limit buy a bit more? Let’s pretend I’m 5 years old and I want automate an Apple stock purchase.

Are you saying when Apple goes lower I can set it to automatically buy? Or higher? Thanks


What I usually do is decide my entry price, in "normal " environment i use 1-2% price dips to purchase additional stock.

So lets say my entry price of apple is 120$, as we have volitile market i use 5% mark.

So I will set limit buy to 120$ 1 stock.

Then I calculate 5% discount.

120-6= 114.

I set next limit 114$,

Then 5% discount on 114$.


I set limit for 108.3$.

Same process for other stocks. 5% discounts are used only due to fact that we are having 5-10% daily swings.

In normal ocasions 1-2% would also be fine :slight_smile:


Agree fractional limit buy would be awsome, I belive this should be part of major update with automation of porfolio.


I hope they implement it soon, as it would make real time buying easier. Under “normal” market conditions i wouldn’t care, but during these times its easy to miss dips from my previous purchase.

@Vedran So you’re basically dollar cost averaging all the way down to the bottom? Except it’s automated?

Hey vedran

Thanks for sharing this… So this is on the invest part of trading 212 on stop-limit or? Like the pic?

Or you mean you set 3 orders

  1. 120

He means three separate orders. Meaning he had an intended amount he wants to buy but if it drops a lot it will buy more

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Ok thanks. What is the stop-limit tab i do not understand this feature?

Well a stop alone is basically where you want to try catch an upward move. So if a stock goes up to a price you set it will place a market order. However, the risk of this is that if the stock shoots up in value quickly your market order price will likely be much higher than the stop. If you use a stop limit it can prevent you from purchasing a share much higher than you wanted to, by setting a maximum amount you’re willing to pay. Hope this helps

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Hey :slight_smile: @reLapse

I only use Limit at this moment as I wanna catch stocks while falling.

Example stock MMM: