Downtime - ✅ Resolved

It is extremely painful for the whole team to disappoint you.

We haven’t stopped working on scaling our platform, and for months it’s been growing seamlessly. We were about to replace a major service infrastructure component in two weeks, which has been a bottleneck with a far more scalable one. But the good news about a potential vaccine triggered an unprecedented activity, and many customer requests couldn’t be processed.

Please accept our apology and rest assured that we are working at maximum velocity to prevent such issues in the future.


I can only imagine the pressure.

Blood-pressure pills all-round :smiley:

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Many thanks for the update and all the work that goes on in the background.
Yes it can be frustrating as an end user but these things happen. We learn and move forward.

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Thanks for the update @Tony.V if you could just transfer 100 shares of Amazon in to my account we can call it quits? :rofl:

Seriously though, you definitely need a Service Update page to communicate these issues quicker and not wait until after they have been resolved :+1:


@Scott At the moment when all started, we created this article, where we posted updates.

Nonetheless, I understand what you’re referring to & I’ll add it to my To-do.


@tufty Orders execution wasn’t affected, and I’m sorry to hear about your chat experience. Do you mind sending me a DM with more details about your case? I want to check further on what happened.

@Tony.V all my pending orders got executed at the wrong prices there was a massive difference a huge difference, is there anyway this can be reimbursed??

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@Arununes I can see that you’re currently having an active chat with one of our team members. Feel free to continue the conversation there, and we will check further your inquiry.

This is what is on your announcement…
The experienced downtime didn’t affect in any way your investments or the execution of your orders.
I was trying to make purchases when the nasdaq opened. For more than an hour all i got was 'Please try later". The prices had moved considerably by then. So the execution of orders WAS massively affected.

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Hi Tony, I lost out on a profitable trade because of this. Can one of your members please get in touch with me please?


When server is down in critical moments it’s always painful, hopefully it’s never going to happen in the future and please add options calls and puts / buy - sell to the trading :slight_smile:

Dear @Tony.V and the entire @Team212

Thank you for your hard work :100: and for showing us once again that you still care about, and listen to, your customers (unlike other platforms).

This isn’t what Tony means when he said execution of orders …

Hi Tony, I also placed two market orders when the US markets opened at 2:30pm GMT. The trading212 server froze, prices had moved considerably by the time my order was fufilled. The order execution of my orders were hugely affected, I was unable to connect and suffered considerable losses by the time my connection resumed as the market had peaked and turned down, when both my market orders would have produced very high profits at the original market order share price placed. I shouldn’t be penalised for trading212 server problems and should be fully reimbursed.

Would you please arrange for someone to contact me concerning this. I have emailed full details to

@Craig1 Every single inquiry will be attended - just bear with us for a while more. We are replying to all tickets in a chronological order to ensure fairness in the process.


I sent an email yesterday concerning the losses I’ve incurred since Monday due to your site downtime issues and I’m yet to get a reply.

I was in bed when all this happened (the joys of being a buy an hold type :sweat_smile:) but can i claim i lost money on some potentially super profitable trades too?

I will accept first born sons, goats and slightly tarnished gold bars as reimbursement. :slight_smile: