Sell orders not executing. Trading 212 please fix up man

What’s up will yall. I can’t sell my shares. Tried so many times and nothing is happening

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Any shares in particular?

I was waiting about an hour for a sell so I cancelled it and then tried again still pending.

Do you have a particular stock? Its no good saying issues without saying with what stock :sweat_smile: @sojaboy @Thomas3

Could be any number of reasons. I doubt it’s a case of any stock you can’t sell, so i’m guessing its liquidity. Are talking US stocks/OTC, or LSE/AIM or Euro stocks?

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My sell went through hope the same for yall

Dude, chill out😂. I don’t live here you know, got stuff to do. I was holding Netflix, not sure if it was lack of liquidity as I found out on other threads. Have sold now tho

I was answering @Thomas who also just started saying they have issues without actually naming any stock which doesn’t help narrow it down.

Yeah Netflix would not have a liquidity issue at all, its very liquid.


I’m also having trouble selling MVIS stock. I doubt it’s a liquidity issue.

@Keng You’ve set a limit price that’s above the current market price. If you want instant execution no matter the price, you can just place a market sell order.

I placed the first limit price of 6.99 when that was the sell price on trading 212 and it didn’t go through. There’s no way I’m putting a market sell order. Last time I did that, you guys waited for the price to drop drastically before executing the order. Kindly sort out the site issues so we can trade smoothly. Everything was going okay earlier on.

Try reading the order execution policy, by law/regulations they can’t just wait for the price to drop before executing the order. That isn’t how this works.


I cant sell $hcmc all day is in waiting list @David can you check

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I’m speaking from experience. Placing a market sell order on Trading 212 is the riskiest thing one can ever do. Trust me!

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And another funny thing is that Trading 212 stopped replying to complaints sent on email. So if your order suddenly decides not to execute, you are basically on your own.

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Have you tried your other brokers buying and selling these instruments?

If you are getting orders through instantly then probably best to use them instead. :man_shrugging:

You realise T212 aren’t the ones filling the limit orders. Have you set your limit sell at the bid instead? Did it get filled?

There was an issue with Interactive Brokers towards the end of the US trading session. That is where the problem was.

Im having same issue with 2 companies Mode & SWC been trying for over 24 hours - even tried the cancelling and making smaller order with even the stop/limit functions as a few members have suggested to no avail. Really frustrating as i think 212 should not list these companies if people cannot invest properly. i have checked ihub and there is still trades being processed elsewhere :man_shrugging:. I would imagine people lose quite a-lot of money because of this issue 🥲

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I use market buy and sell orders all the time on £50k+ positions. you get some slippage sometime, depends whats on the book, various market algos seem to pull the book when you put a market order in. I wouldn’t use a limit on a sell, if it doesn’t execute and carries on plunging then your in trouble…
Ive been playing with limits on buy orders which seems to stop the slippage/ price spike some. again wouldn’t work in fast moving stock thou.

I tend to do my actions mid-market and market sells of my stocks exported from pies are almost always either near instant, or within a tiny decimal place of the price I had displayed, but the risk is definitely there, same as placing a limit and not seeing it trigger too. when claiming a micro gain to reallocate funds (in the scale of pennies) the slight delay did erase half of those “profits” but we are talking about 20p.