Talk about things crashing lol

Setting a stop or limit just means you don’t have to manually watch the price and buy or sell when it gets to a value you want to react to. So if a stock is reasonably volatile you may be happy to sell at price X. Yes it may go higher but it might quickly come down again before you had time to react and you would perhaps have missed the chance to sell at X. Similarly you may decide to sell an investment (or part of) if it falls below a certain price to limit your losses or cement your gains. You can usually set a stop/limit for the current day only or until you cancel it. Other sites may allow you to set an expiry date for the option.


Lets forget about day trading I think it’s time for a collective effort to drive up prices and buy now.

I use this for long term DCA, not for speculation on volatility and short term profit…

Beginning of day when red usually there is a sharp drop when prices reach ridiculous values, so try to get best deals…

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What do you think is going to happen to Glencire if the situation gets worse, I mean it seems like the perfect investment at the moment, as they usually hit there average in about every 5 months after a drop or go a lot higher, they have a smart leadership team which are all well experienced traders. But they are taking too many risks and now is definitely not the time for it. It just seems like their billionaires feel as if they can afford hard hits personally but a lot of the investors can’t. Just wanted to know someone else’s view who trades long term.