TAUG can this be added?

Hi there, please forgive me I’m a complete newbie. I’ve been reading great things about Tauriga sciences and would love to invest but can not find it here. Can this be added please? If not possible (I can’t find it anywhere!) can someone please educate me why. Many thanks.

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Hi Leah welcome to the forum. TAUG is available in the invest account but not ISA.

Are you trying to find it from an ISA account?

Ahh, yes indeed I am searching with my ISA. I had no idea! Any reason why I can’t also open an invest account too? Thanks for your help!

You should be able to open an invest account as well as an ISA. Have you tried to open an invest account?

All done was very simple, thank you! Now I just need to work out how much tax I’ll need to pay when I make my millions on TAUG :wink:

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