New stocks/exchanges

Hi @David @Martin @PeterA @Hris.M

Is there any ETA of when new stocks will be added? Not long ago, the pace of new stock additions to the app was amazing, but it’s seemed to slow down recently. I’m aware that the stocks in question have to be on Interactive Broker before T212 can add them.

In my case, i’d love some Hong Kong stocks (e.g. HKG:0669), but it would be great to know when/how soon any other exchanges/stocks will be introduced? (e.g. I would love to hold WSE:CDR (CD projekt on Polish Stock exchange) rather than it’s ADR (OTCMKTS:OTGLF) - which I can’t hold in an ISA)



I think OTGLY may actually be eligible to be held in an Isa because the underlying company is listed on an HMRC-recognised exchange (Warsaw).

However, it seems T212 has taken a blanket approach to Isa eligibility for all OTC stocks. Saves staff the headache of working out what is and is not eligible, but it’s not ideal for customers.