Tax friendly accounts

Are you planning to support tax friendly accounts for other countries besides the UK (ISA) ?

For France the most useful one would be the Plan d’épargne en Actions (PEA) but I’m sure there is at least one relevant example for each European country
You could start with your largest markets rather than doing one batch for every country you’re in

Not for the Netherlands. We have quit simple taxes for savings/investments.

I’m sure there is at least one relevant example for each European country

Ireland doesn’t have much either. We get 1270 tax free and then the rest is taxed at 33%.

ETFs are 41% tax on dividends and 41% tax on profits. Unless they are US ETFs, which is 41% on dividends, and 33% on profits. Oh, and even if you don’t sell, every 8 years the government takes 41% just to prohibit compounding.

So yeah…I want to move to Malta.


I’m glad I’ll be getting 0% CGT but dividends will be taxed at income tax level I think. I’ll find out next year when I start being taxed on my pennies :joy:

Where do you live in you don’t mind me asking? There aren’t many countries with 0% capital gains!

I don’t think that there is something similar to an ISA/IRA account in Germany :unamused:

I haven’t paid CGT accept in 2017 (sold a bunch of BTC there unavoidable) there is £12300 tax free limit for CGT annually in UK, with some clever planning, and selling things that are in negative as well as positive at the end of tax year you can keep shuffling your gains.

This has been made a bit more difficult with the “30 day rule” practically cockblocking bed&breakfast’ing shares, but you still can “bed and isa” or wait the 30days with some non-volatile stocks.

I know a few places with 0% CGT, but for me I’d prefer 0% on dividends :joy: I’ll be moving to Gibraltar, which just happens to have no CGT (but has some various other taxes that don’t appear elsewhere).

From the ever “reliable” Wikipedia:

Countries that do not impose a capital gains tax include Bahrain, Barbados, Belize, Cayman Islands, Isle of Man, Jamaica, Sierra Leone, Singapore, and others.