ISA Account for Irish residents?

Hey, I’ve been wondering when Ireland will have access to the ISA account? Any idea if that’s been discussed by the Trading 212 team at some point or if it’s on the pipeline?

Does Ireland have an equivalent of an ISA?

We do not. I can’t see it being available to us.

Well, yeah but I’d like to hold a ISA with Trading 212!

@Negusa, if the Irish government does not offer or enable a similar tax-free mechanism similar to the UK ISA, then T212 cannot offer it to you


I’ve already googled this to bits. Unfortunately it seems you can only get an ISA if you’re a British resident.

Sounds like you’d need to move at the very least to Northern Ireland, and at most move and be considered a resident if you want a U.K. ISA.

Without meaning to be difficult, why would you want an ISA account? The tax wrapper is only recognised by HMRC, so for Irish revenue purposes you would have to declare any profits and pay tax on them.

I believe what he wants is the “tax wrapper” :smiley:

He will need to lobby the Irish government then :stuck_out_tongue:

T212 may be powerful, but they aren’t yet that powerful :wink:

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I see, I was just wondering since I always hear about Roth IRA and ISA, I wanted to avail of the Tax wrapper as well here in Ireland.

I wasn’t aware that Trading 212 for Ireland doesn’t do that! Thanks anyway!

It’s not Trading 212 that doesn’t offer them, a Roth IRA is a tax free account in the USA and an ISA is a tax free account in the UK. You need to check the taxes in Ireland. I’m sure you have a certain degree of tax free allowance. But I’m not sure of Irish taxes so I can’t help you with that

I was interested in it originally because although I’m Irish I was born in England. I thought there might be a way to get in there and avoid paying tax to THE MAN.

Sadly the general rule is that tax is based on residence rather than nationality. The main exception is the US who make non-resident citizens file tax returns. They really do run into difficulties with ISAs as they are not taxed in the UK, but the IRS won’t recognise them.

I did once hear of an entrepreneur who managed not to be resident anywhere, owning no property and moving countries continually. Apparently he paid no tax at all.


ah yes, the famed “Internationals”. what a horrid lifestyle, not covered by any scheme or system and paying premiums for absolutely everything just to be one of the “freest” people alive xD

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