Tax-Friendly Statement/Certificate

I believe I’m correct in thinking that a monthly statement is produced, detailing positions closed that month and all other open positions, but I think a consolidated tax certificate/statement with clear information for the average investor produced pre-new tax year would be helpful. Here is what Hargreaves Lansdown say on their website:

“We produce your consolidated tax certificate in spring each year. You can find it by going to ‘Portfolio History’ from the ‘My Accounts and dealing’ overview page”

Is there confirmation via email following an investment, as proof?


I would like to ask T212 something like this: an annual tax report (at latest December 2020) that will show for each dividend received:

  • date received
  • company
  • total gross amount in original currency (and in Euro if possible)
  • total tax already paid in original currency (and in Euro if possible)

Also something similar with capital gain (buy and sell of stocks and ETF’s).

Would make investing so much easier, without worring to make inumerous spreadsheets with the dividends received.


Yes please! One of the biggest headaches in investing is sorting out the tax. This would make it so much better

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@Kholl you nailed all the useful stuff, lets make it happen T212!

Let’s see what T212 team says about that. They must be focused on the new big update coming this month but I think after that task is done this feature would be one of the best they could work on. Also in my opinion it is a pretty simple feature to make, in a time frime of 6 to 8 months.

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Any news on this feature? Is actually any possibility to download from t212 a document that shows all my movements (deposits, portfolio openings/ closing positions and withdraws)during the year?

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Since posting, I’ve had an idea to improve my suggestion.

I think the ability, at any point, to export a statement with all the information we mentioned above would be very helpful. To instantly know your portfolio in a PDF/CSV format, with info on each lot transaction with price, amount, order ID etc, for personal records and for sending to your accountant would be very helpful.

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Sadly, I haven’t read anything from Trading 212 about this anywhere on the forums

Personally I would urgently need this…I’m not from UK, how my accountant can prepare my tax statement if I don’t know how to provide him all the informations

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