Annual Dividend Report

I’ve noticed there is already another post about this topic but since there was no reply from T212 team I decided to create one myself.

I would like to ask T212 something like this: an annual tax report that will show for each dividend received:

  • date received
  • company
  • total gross amount in original currency (and in Euro if possible)
  • total tax already paid in original currency (and in Euro if possible)

Also something similar with capital gain (buy and sell of stocks and ETF’s).
Would like to know if there is something planned about adding this feature till the end of 2020.

Would make investing so much easier, without worring to make inumerous spreadsheets with the dividends received.


i fully subscribe this request as this is of extreme importance, this matter has been already brought into this discussion board in the last couple of months.

in my opinion we should have this feature for next year tax report. Degiro (and others) supply their users with something like this, so should T212.


@Tony.V @George Any answer for this topic?
(sorry for tagging, but just like I daid, you seem to not want to reply to this specific question) Any answer would be welcome.

I would be willing to pay a small fee for that. I really like how revolut trading provides a monthly report which clearly describes the dividend in dollars the tax and then the conversion rate. If you want long term dividend investors you really need this feature. And there’s a reason M1 Finance in the US chases that cohort of investors :wink:


@datageek I completely agree with you! I decided to join T212 mainly because of no fees, fractional shares and the new pie feature, wich are awesome attributes of a broker. However there are many broker companies that offer a dividend report and that is lacking in Trading 212. Hopefully they can consider adding this feature in the near future.


It is just matter of priority. Team is working on adding major overhaul to existing investing platform. Once done they can prioritize different features. :slight_smile:

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That’s totally fine. The major overhaul changes will be a great change to the platform. I’d just like to know if once they finish that update an annual dividend report is planned, and in what time period.

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They won’t reply I guess. Sometimes they are so helpful and others just ignore. Oh well.

I guess they have this on their agenda and have something good planned for us. it makes no sense to not have this report.

lets wait a bit more, they are probably focused on the new update at the moment.

but I understand you, just a little “ok, this request is under analysis” would be good right?

It would be nice to see a reply, at least to be sure they are thinking about this. As long as I know they are thinking about adding this feature I’ll be pleased.

But sure, I’ll keep waiting.

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bump as a reminder, I want to see this request serviced also. we need to pay taxes and this is a must have feature to avoid problems.

If no T212 team member replies to this post I’ll probably make another one. I guess they can’t ignore it forever. Taxes are a huge part of investing.


the big update is almost here, maybe it is time for an update on this request?

@Tony.V @George @David Any update on this?

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@Kholl This is definitely something that we’ll do but I can’t provide an ETA yet.


Well, since we are in May, you have until December, just in time for our 2020 tax report, to present us with something no less short of amazing :slight_smile:

time to bring this topic from its ashes once more.

We are now in the middle of July, I would like to know if this feature is still under T212 radar, if you have already started developing it and if you expect to meet the December 2020 deadline, in time for our tax report.

I actually don’t mind to paid separately to have a complete investment report every year :slight_smile:

one just like degiro would be enough and making something like that would not be too hard and we could have it for free.

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As intermediate step, at least trading212 could implement in the daily “Contract Note Statement” an extra “Dividend” field, similar to “Sell” and “Buy” statements, which would help at least in generating some sort of spreadsheet for general overview

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