Tencent HGK please add

Hi can you please add Tencent HGK ASAP.

Many thanks

Isn’t it already present on Invest?

I’m sure it will come as soon as we have access to the exchange. this has been requested many times before already and a quick search would show this.

we don’t have access to the HongKong exchance yet.

No not as yet, hopefully soon

Hi thanks for the reply, I’ve seen it’s been requested… thought I’d ad my twopence :sweat_smile:

I assume he meant OTC

Hi this is not the one I mean the ticker is HGK.


I understood.

I think you meant HKG rather than HGK. :wink:

Btw the HKG isn’t the ticker that means Hong Kong.

The number is 700

a quick google search seems to give out results for both HGK and HKG to the same stock :stuck_out_tongue: still 700 but seems to be reversible LOL

Hi yes you are correct :man_facepalming:t5::man_facepalming:t5: The ticker is TCEHY
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Well basically the HK is Hong Kong.

I would say it should really be SEHK

Anyway a reverse James Bond is how I remember it.


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Yeah TCEHY is it’s OTC ticker which have recently just got added.

Hong Kong exchange is in progress. I’m sure it’ll literally be the first once they get access.

Hey great news thanks for update :pray:t5:

I’ve found it…

Many thanks for those you’ve responded :pray:t5: