Tesla CFD Sell disappeared now reappeared


I’m not sure what’s happening with my account with my Sell Options for Tesla. L

On Friday I had my Sell options at the current market value obviously prior to the split.

Just after markets close, all my Sell options close on 0, except one which posted a loss. But looking at my account I had one option still available, one whole Share at the split value.

Checked today my options, and I have 4 whole Tesla share options for Sell.

What’s happening? It’s causing real confusion on monitoring my account and amount of free funds etc.

Please can someone from Trading212 clarify this please.

Thank you.


I should clarify, all my previous holdings were fractional only.

Never whole share.


Probably, you’re aware that Tesla performed a stock split with a ratio 1:5 on 31.08.2020. Moreover you there’s plenty of information regarding this particular event over the community.