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Hey, what will happen if I have open CFD positions during Tesla stock split? Will the positions automatically close or will the positions be split?

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Automatically the positions will be split if whole share, fractional shares not included in split.

Now needs to be confirmed as additional information is stated elsewhere!

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I guess nothing. CFDs represent the underlying value. CFDs aren’t stocks. @Team212 could give the definitive answer on this.

Staff should answer the question or send a notification on the app because alot of people hold tesla and apple and dont know what will happen@staff

You are totally right.

There’s a ton of information in the community regarding a stocks-split & how we proceed with it.

what’s going to happen to my long position on tesla after the stock split? I don’t want to lose all my money because maybe it’s not well recognized by tue system.
Please help!

@romoloo @aryamanwig @chantal @eMJey

There’s been an update so ignore the reply by staff to me 4 days ago… tesla will now receive shares if suitable within their fraction proportion.

example: 0.5 shares will receive, 2 tesla shares with 0.1 sold by T212. should you wish to sell your 0.1 you can.

There is a post titled Tesla Split in the forum, it has 256+ messages but if you start from the bottom and scroll up there is a message from staff with a table included.

Apologies in advance if you were aware, as i received a notification and forgot abut this post, i thought it best just to include everyone here.

This is about CFDs. CFDs don’t split. They keep the same value.


thank you @chantal i was told by staff i would receive 5 shares for every 1 share i held, and now told by you different.

so confusing.

stocks are not equal to CFDs :slight_smile:

???’ what are you talkin about? CFDs follow real data price. How would that work if tesla doesnt split?

because the total of the splits is the same… 1 x $1000 or 5 x $200 is the same value. CFD contract represents a value, not an amount of shares.

@chantal did staff tell you that it wouldn’t be split?

go read Martins comment above and u will see it will split

it was martin and another staff member that told me it would split… but they also told me i wouldn’t receive fractional share lol FFS

David somewhere mentioned that CFD contracts won’t be split.

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@chantal i’m yolo on tesla f*** it!

Martin is talking about shares, not CFD contracts.

no he is not, he is replaying to comment made in a thread called “CFD stock split”

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