Tesla split returned fractional split

Hi all.
I have today logged in to see my tesla split from an initial 0.5 share.
I had not read the non factional spilt so expected 2.5 shares but instead have 2 shares and where my question starts , received £69.
Am i wrong in thinking 1 share would be spilt equally so understand that if i had 0.6 shsres i now would have 3 shares.
That being said at a previous value of $2212 a share so now 1 new split share is $442 why was my 0.1value only worth $91 or £69.
If a whole share is spilt equally say in 10th so 221 per 0.1 therefore a my original 0.5 equals 4 x 10ths 4x221 = 884 (2 x442 current split value), leaving me with 1 l0th fraction remaining at $221 not the $91 trading 212 have returned?
If i would/should of purchased 0.1 before deadline to give 0.6 it would of cost $221.
Now i wish to buy a share at $442 but with my $91 returned and the previous 221 per 0.1 i am some way short.
? Have trading 212 mad3 an error as i imagine or have i got my fractions all in a muddle?..

I have also lost the value of my fractional shares sold. Only the profit element had been placed in the free funds account.
If you look at your total fund value on Saturday before and after the split you
can calculate the amount that has been taken from the fund.

I have checked the portfolio values which from 10am saturday reduced by £176 and my investments decreased by £95. Account received £69?
The response from 212 just says tesla spilt 1 to 5. No kidding sherlock. I had requested a breakdown of how my original remaining 0.5 share broke down into say 5 slices. 4 slices became 2 shares and the remaining slice which equalled $221 returned as £69. Portfolio decreased by the 0.5 new share, i investment reduced but i still can not understand how i end up with £69 . Tried buy the 0.5 of a new share and it would cost £166 not the £69?.. what am i missing.
Oh and now that 0.5 share is at $475. Great.