Tesla stock split

So Tesla have just announced a 5 for 1 stock split to take place on 28th August. Does anyone know what happens with your fractions when this happens. If you have 0.2 will you get 1 whole share

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I would guess based on the conversation about Apple’s stock split, that fractions will be sold.


No. They get liquidated and you get your money back and can buy 1 share. Same as in the Apple thread.

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No… fractions will be sold and you get the money as free funds.

Up 6.5% already ffs :rofl:

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yup. wait until amazon and others follow with splits…could happen any time…

That’s going to make my rounding up harder!

There you go, all those that missed tsla at 300$, can get on board. :partying_face:

It would be funny if it wasn’t tragic, 7% up after news. And people actually put money into tsla :thinking:


20% allocated to Tesla… may or may not be at 40% right now…

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This is the first time witnessing this so do we need, as t212 investors, to do anything else for this or will the stock split happen automatically?

Also, will the fractional shares be sold at the price they were bought (therefore cancelled) or at the current price?

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so if you had to lump sum invest 100k USD you would allocate 20k to TSLA? :thinking:

I have 15.9383653 Tesla, so from my understanding they will take the .9383653 and sell them then split the 15 into 75. think that is right from reading the apple split thread.


Not a fan of Tesla then

Not a fan of pain. :slight_smile:


Strategy changes with amount, low capital, higher risk. Also would not be lump summing 20k into Tesla at these prices, I’m sure it will go cheaper again soon
But would still allocate 10K probably, but my portfolio would be made up with more ETFs than individual stocks. Not something I have to worry about right now though so don’t think into it too much

if my tesla investment is in the red. Do i lose the money? I was planning on holding long term but im not quite at even 1 share yet.

Current price at time of the split (31st aug)

Just buy straight back in, it will be like nothing even happened

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It’s likely to have a 10% or so increase by the time of the split.